Friday, December 9, 2011

Heading to City Councils!

On December 6th we presented our case and our research packet to the Monmouth City Council. We had 4 wonderful speakers in support of our efforts and our request is now on the agenda and headed to worksession.

We are on the agenda for the Independence City Council for the next meeting on December 13th at 7:30pm. We encourage our supporters to attend this meeting and anyone who is interested in speaking is welcome to do so but please contact us so we can coordinate.

Our research packet is 42 pages long and full of wonderful information. It is available to anyone who would like a copy. I'll work on posting it here but we can certainly email it in the meanwhile. Our packet is drafted from the one complied and used by Barbara Palermo in the fight to legalize backyard poultry in Salem. She generously allowed us to use her research which gave us a huge head start in our efforts. Domenica spent many hours researching recent developments, updating, and customizing the packet to Monmouth's needs and we send her a big THANKS!!! Her efforts made customizing a second packet to Independence a much simpler process.

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