Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Pet Fair, Pet Pictures with Santa and the First Fundraiser for the 2013 MI Coop Tour!

MI Chicken Revolution will have a booth at the Old Mill Holiday Pet Fair this Saturday, Nov 17 from 10 to 3 PM. Domenica, Rosa, and dear hens Spot and Ophelia are honored to represent Chickens at this event. We hope to answer questions for anyone considering expanding their gardens to include these special pets or swap stories with those that already have hens. In addition to the fun offered at the Fair, this event is a fundraiser. Funds donated to Chickens will help to pay for the 2013 summer MI Coop Tour. There is nothing like a Coop Tour to celebrate backyard hens and allow those considering backyard hens the opportunity to talk with neighbors about raising hens. If you would like to submit your coop for the tour, please stop by and sign up! We have 6-8 openings left. Be sure to stop by our booth with your pets and show us their pet pictures with Santa. And remember... Chickens are welcome!

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